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Computer Repair

The computer is one of the coolest inventions since the flux capacitor… wait, those don’t actually exist… You get the idea.

Light and portable, yet powerful enough to run all your applications so you can take everything you need on the road.


Now that prices have dropped, laptops are even a great option to replace your desktop computer.

In addition to the usual virus and malware hazards, there are some issues that laptops are especially susceptible to broken keys, battery failure, cable fraying, and fan overheating.

Don’t let a laptop on the fritz stall your freewheeling ways.

Our Nerds are very capable at Laptop Repair, read our list of services below.


Specific Laptop Repair Services:

(These services are unique laptop repair fixes, and focus of the hardware components of your laptop. For all additional generic or software-related services, see our computer repair page.)

  • Repair or replace a broken laptop screens

  • Repair or replace broken laptop keys

  • Diagnose and when necessary replace a laptop battery and/or power supply

  • Replace broken laptop parts including USB ports, headphone jacks, and power buttons

  • Configure WiFi or Blue Tooth connection settings

  • Modify your laptop’s settings to improve battery life

  • Installation of remote wipe and anti-theft security software

  • Did you know that we offer free estimates? We believe in telling you how much the repair service will cost upfront. Feel free to call us anytime for all of your Laptop Repair needs.


Slow Computer Issues

A slow computer can be caused by any number of reasons. The most typical reason is due to virus and malware infection.

But not always! A slow computer may also be due to a failing hard drive, defective memory, or even a severely clogged cooling system.

Regardless of the reason, a slow computer is very frustrating and it costs you time and money.

But We can diagnose your issue and fix the problem for you all in the comfort of your home or office.

Call Hammi Computer today and let us make your computer work like new again.

Don’t put up with a slow computer or risk data loss one more minute! Call us now at 818-276-7941 and we’ll book an appointment for you usually on the same day.

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